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MonoBox Grow Kit

Whether you are brand new to mushroom growing or you’re well versed and starting from agar wedge, our MonoBox Grow Kit has your back.Our online guide assumes a complete beginner but it’s flexible enough for any experience level.Spore syringe is not included.

Mushroom Growing Kit 4LBS , “Lightbags” Inject-and-Forget Remastered

Do not worry about damaging the mycelium during the mixings of the substrate. The mycelium will have grown into the grains and coco coir fibers. Just break up and mix about any and all clumps of substrate.

Mushroom Growing Kit 4LBS , Inject-And-Forget Bag With Oxygen Release Agents

This mushroom growing kit is super easy to use. The special Mushroom substrate is held in a extra large all in one mushroom growing bag. The bag allows your UK mushroom spores to germinate in the substrate and the resulting mycelium to fruit all inside the same bag.

Sprinklebags. The Next Generation Of Rye Grain Mushroom Growing Kits

SprinkleBags by Psychedelic Therapy Store are designed to almost remove the customer from the growing equation. Customers like mushroom growing kits UK for sale with less steps to go wrong. Making this kit our easiest and simplest kit yet.